XBOX 360 Corona Slim 250GB S-RGH v1

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XBOX 360 Corona Slim 250GB S-RGH v1

XBOX 360 Slim console which has been updated with a Ace v3+ which automatically selects the best timing file on the fly. All consoles have been updated and tested by me to ensure a good quality modification. This console can be instaboot 9 times out of 10. On rare occasions, it will cycle once or twice before booting. Consoles are in fair condition, with some minor marks/scratches. Cleaned and tidied up to get them looking as good as new, thermal paste has also been changed.
No games, mod menus, emulators etc. have been installed to the consoles. I do not condone piracy or hacking. Consoles will come setup with the essentials:
  • Dashlaunch
  • XeX Menu
  • Aurora Dashboard

A default offline profile will be setup named Player1 and live block will be enabled by default.
If you’re after an LED change for the power button, select and option using the drop down menu.
You will receive the console only, power brick, controllers and HDMI cables are not supplied with this unit.  If you want more information or have any questions you can add me on Discord: Larvey#0002

Weight10 kg
Console motherboard

Corona 4GB

HDD Size

250GB (Official Microsoft HDD)